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The history behind the tin cars It all started back in 1999, Taiyo Toy releases their new concept, Taiyo R/C. The Radi-Can car is born. The Radi-Can car is a quality car, with good details. And comes in 30 different models / variations.This new concept of radio-controlled toy was about 1:32 scaled cars (12 to 14cm long) sold in cans with the remote used as the cap of those cans.

The difference between this concept and earlier R/C cars (toys) on the marked is the simple design, the compatibility, it’s easy to handle and it’s screaming for modification parts. It’s was a new way of thinking. The simplicity of this concept car, have made it very easy to re-produce, to clone and it have been mass produced by many different companies in China and under various names, as; Tyco R/C / Canned Heat, R/Can Car, High Drive, QunXing Toy / Racing King, Mitsuwa / RC Sonic, Superspeed, Magic Car, Road Star, 757 NewQida, Mini Racer/Mini R, Dark-Horse Super-Racer, Tian Tay Toy co, Amiland, Xinghui, Radi-Edge, Race-Chock, Chock-Racer, Kidlet and Auldey Race-Tin

The most known of them all in Europe, must be the Auldey Race-Tin name. Produced by, Guangdong Auldey Toy Industry Ltd. The cars are almost the same, but there are variations in the body designs and chassis types and the quality varies.

The Popularity
Why are these Tin Racers so popular? First of all the price, the car is cheap compared to other cars on the market at that time, like the Kyosho, Mini-z, Iwaver and X-mods. And of course these cars are high quality material, more detailed and with servo steering. The spare parts are also expensive, compared with the Tin Racer parts. But why don’t give less money, almost start from "scratch" and do it all yourself? That’s seems to be the spirit among the, ”Tin Racer people”. A new do it yourself trend have been born, taking these small 1/32 scale Tin Racer cars to the limits. Reaching speeds over 70-90 km/h (on test board).

The simple design makes the car compatible with many parts from known quality brands like Tamiya, The 4WD series, Kyosho, Mabuchi Motors and parts from slot cars are often used. It’s primary the130 motor, wheels and body that can be changed. But it’s only your imagination and skills that sets the limits for what you can accomplish with this car.

One of the biggest manufactures of special mod parts for the tin cars is is the English version of the The Rodkrapong word is taken from the Thai language which means cheap and low cost radio control or Radi-can. The founder of Carmoworld, Mr. Suwat Phungbang is one of the most important and famous persons in the modification trend. He was the first man in Thailand who strongly promoted race-tin cars and made it a great business. The Nationwide spread of Tin racer modification was evident among, Thai kids and teenagers. Competitions are held every weekend this adds popularity to the product this campaign set trends and Opens door to a larger market. With its development, modifications, electronics and engineering skill sets inspired kids and teenagers in this remote control sport. and ranks as the biggest exporter of race-tin modify parts in Thailand, more than 70 percent of race-tin and other r/c car modified parts are distributed out in various brand names to clients of 14 countries all over the world. 1.5 million Sets were sold out nationwide and increasing rapidly this became one of the successful businesses in Thailand. The cars became very famous in Asia, USA and then Europe. Since some models are now imported. (source:

Races and competitions
One of the biggest tin car events i Thailand was The Mini R.C. Thailand Thunder Race series. Held in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya 2002. The races was arranged by Mr. Pramot Jamroonthippawan and sponsored by Central Pattana, Panasonic Alkaline and Dream Walkers. <br> Unofficial races was also held in Bangkok, usually at petrol stations and other places with a smooths surface. Sometimes there was putted money on the races. The gambling made the drivers do their best to make the fastest car And sometime the stakes even included the car itself.

Auldey Race-tin Generation 3 The car was released in 2005. The most know companies that’s produces the Tin Racer Generation 3, are Auldey (Race-Tin) and NewQida. The cars are in 1/32 scale, width 190mm, height 120mm. The Tin Racers are now more similar to the Min-z and Iwaver technical.

Written by Drake / 2005-09
Sources:, Hobby-electronics, Bangkok Post, RC132 by Freed.

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